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tv   World News Now  ABC  July 5, 2016 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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new, tag team on the campaign trail. no word of a running mate, but hillary clinton is enlisting president obama. their firs when it comes to going after donald trump. a live report ahead. >> severe storms in the midwest. tornadoes uproot trees and knock out power. the storm system knocked out fourth of july systems. we'll tell you where it is later in the forecast. >> the surprise at last night's white house independence day celebration. >> what president obama did for his oldest daughter on her 18th birthday. >> and how the other half celebrated the fourth of july. the celebrities that took to social med
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intimate moments with their followers. they're just like us. it's tuesday, july fifth. just like us kind of. >> sort of. they like the flag like the rest of us. >> good morning everyone. >> we're going to start with politics. shall we? and the road to the white house. winding through north carolina today, hillary clinton bringing out the big guns. campaigning with the president at her side. >> clinton will fly to charlotte with president obama on air force one for their first campaign event. meanwhile, donald trump is questioning that trip and defending a controversial tweet. we are joined with the latest. adrian, good morning. >> good morning. the holiday is over. back to business as usual on the political trail. we've all seen it online. the clinton campaign relying on the hash tag, i'm with her. many strategists saying the best thing she can convince voters of is she's with him. >> onc
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partners, the commander in chief and hillary clinton will be speaking this afternoon at their first joint rally in charlotte. >> it kind of sends the signal of party unity. >> reporter: political insiders say it's obvious president obama is the best person to help restore trust in clinton's ability. >> this early signal of him getting out on the campaign trail is going to be indicative of how secretary clinton and her campaign is going to structure that strategy. >> reporter: and defeat donald trump. the president began lashing out against the gop nominee following the orlando nightclub shootings. >> we hear language that singles out immigrants. and suggests entire religious communities are complicit in violence. when does this stop? >> reporter: and last week we went off without calling trump by name but referencing the immigration policies 234679 with
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trump tweeted who pays. it might add fuel to trump's fire as he land blast clintons that the was anti semitic. on the fourth of july, trump saying hillary clinton is trying to link the star of david with a basic star often used by sheriffs is ridiculous. she's trying to divert the attention from her dishonest husband and herself. >> trump will be in north carolina. >> one saying the president is not just stumping before hillary clinton but separately campaigning for a continuation of his health care and immigration policy. >> all right. and adrian, what's the latest on picking v.p. candidates? >> we're a few weeks away from the conventions, and we don't know who the v.p. candidates will be. for clinton, julian castro is someone people are talking about. he's been a young rising star with the democratic party.
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speaking at the dnc in 2004. lacking the experience of others, he would be the first hispanic on a ticket. that could lead to more votes for clintons. speculation is joni ernst. the senator from iowa. neither side is confirming it. they discussed the concerns as far as the direction the skoirnt taking. >> sounds like there's some developments going on there. >> only a couple weeks for developments. we have to make a decision soon. >> adrian, thank you. >> thank you. we move to the wave of islamic militant terror in the middle east that has now spread to saudi arabia. there were three suicide bombings there yesterday alone. one outside of one of islam's holiest sites. isis has not yet claimed responsibility for the saudi
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incidents, but they appear to be part of a coordinated campaign coinciding with the end of ramadan. as the death toll from a massive bombing in baghdad is climbing, there have been five convicted terrorists executed. it's an attempt to restore faith in the ability to protect citizens. just the first half of this year, nearly 5,000 iraqi officers and civilians have been killed. at home two barges caught fire during fourth of july celebrations in massachusetts. authorities are blaming a malfunction. witnesses say the show was going on for at least ten minutes when there was a large boom followed by a burst of flames. you can see the pictures. it then spread to a second barge. no injuries reported. it's unclear what caused the malfunction. and fireworks in some kentucky towns had to be rescheduled because of severe weather. trees were blown down yesterday afternoon knocking out power in
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lexington. this was a roof damaged when a tree fell on it. there were reports of a possible tornado that took part a roof off a walmart. five people were slightly injured. another part of the country bracing for severe weather. >> paul williams joins us with the details. >> good morning. we have a storm with this low pressure system stirring up a mess. it's going to trek east. we'll see an outbreak of severe storms through the north central part of the country. montana, wyoming, over toward the dakotas. nebraska toward kansas. we're expecting a targeted area from duluth to sioux falls and then des moines and damaging hail and possibility of tornadoes. >> paul, thank you. we're getting more details about the orlando massacre. from nearly a dozen deputies.
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they describe walking into the pulse nightclub to see as many as 20 officers with long guns. one deputy says at first glance there were no signs of life, just bodies all over the floor. some of them assisted survivors who collapsed in the street while others loaded the wounded onto pickup trucks. >> in baltimore a trial for another officer charged in connection with the death of freddie gray. brian rice is the highest ranking officer to face charges. he pleaded not to second degree assault and other charges. gray died in a police van. rice is the fourth officer to stand trial in that case. none of the officers have been convicted. now, some 365 million miles away from earth nasa revealing the juno spacecraft is in orbit around jupiter. this is a five year journey. the nasa control room excited. there won't be pictures of the key moment. bravo.
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because cameras were turned off. in atlanta a six-year-old girl is being praised as a champion. chloe smith found an olympian metal and returned it. it belonged to a white water canoer in barcelona. >> he said it was among several items stolen from his car, and chloe was taking a stroll with her dad when he took it. the smith family said she got a $500 reward. he also says he plans to visit her classroom when she returns to school in the fall. >> chloe's dad said he's scolding her not to just pick up everything. he's probably happy she disobeyed him. >> i'm glad they found him. >> and police found other things stolen from his car as well. kind of a happy ending. >> it is. coming up. the surprise at the white house last night. how president obama caught
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what he did that brought the crowd to their feet. >> and the ten-year-old golf prodigy sidelined by a judge over a custody fight. it's been going on since she was three. hear what her father is now saying. you're watching "world news now." saying. you're watching "world news now." ♪
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c2 queen mattress now only $699.99. plus 36 month financing. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. maybe sam is upset, a top seed of djokovic wasn't a fluke. the 28th seed got a win in straight sets. he becomes the first american man reach the quarter finals at any grand slam in five years. it's his first quarter final in singles. next he has the number six seed. >> and his previous best tv appearance was on millionaire match maker. there was a scar
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competition. she slipped. center court was a little wet. they closed the roof and when play resumed she appeared more focussed. she took the last nine games beat the 13th seed. she moves on to the quarter finals today. >> dust yourself off. a ten-year-old prodigy from virginia who has been showing great promise and amazing talent. >> that is until a judge sidelined her for the next year. she awarded sole custody to the mother in a bitter custody battle. >> reporter: this little golfer can't compete for now. the 10-year-old was ordered by a judge to stay away from golf tournaments for the nextear. that decision is part of an ongoing custody battle between her parents that has now lasted seven years. it comes at a time when her dad says her career and talent are
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>> she happens to -- she's won 23 out of 33 tournaments. >> he caddies for his daughter and coaches her. he bought her plastic clubs when she was three. she's now developed into a promising young prospect. a pga member has seen the girl's talent. >> as far as her skill level, she's in the top 10% in the nation. she's ready to obtain a scholarship to college and here she is only 10 years old. >> reporter: but the custody order says that the child shall not be permitted to play competitive golf for one year. and she's not allowed to take lessons with any golf pro. her mother who did not comment for our story has sole legal and physical custody of the child. the latest judge's order doesn't lay out why exactly the child can't compete, but they say they believe she's playing too much. >> i think the judge thought she was playing five or six hours.
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that's false. >> reporter: the father is appealing the decision, hoping his daughter won't have a take a year off from competitive golf and slow a career he says is off to a stellar start. when we come back, what president obama did to embarrass his daughter on her fourth of july birthday. >> and why matt damon is eating pasta on purpose. >> and why is eating pasta on birthday. >> and young children. simple safety steps are the best way to prevent these tragedies. make sure kids learn how to swim always watch them in and around water. properly fence all pools and stay away from drains. consider the steps you take then add a few more. because you never know which pool safety step will save a life until it does? simple steps saves lives to learn some new ones visit
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time now for the skinny. topping the headlines this morning, what america's first dad did to his first daughter on her fourth of july birthday. >> embarrass her. >> she celebrated her 1th 18th birthday. her last birthday for the time being at the white house. her dad couldn't resist making a big deal out of it during the independence day celebration at the white house. >> just because it's a job of a father to embarrass his daughters, i've got one last job. it just so happens that we celebrate our country's birthday on the same day that we celebrate our oldest daughter's birthday. so just a quick happy birthday
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♪ happy birthday to you >> oh, malia, very embarrassed by the whole thing. i'm sure grateful to dad as well. >> there were others on stage for the white house fourth of july celebration which was moved inside into the east room due to the rainy weather. and dad gets a big hug. >> and look how tall she is now. >> almost as tall as him. >> yeah. 18 years old and taking the year off from school before going to college. nice. happy birthday. next to what some other celebrities did to celebrate the fourth of july. >> let's start off with taylor swift. she threw a beach party in rhode island. new boyfriend tom, was among her a-list guests, among with blake lively and ryan reynolds. >> where was the invite? >> must have gotten lost in the mail.
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amy schumer saluting to the camera in a bikini. the photos sepia tone. makes it look classic. >> reese witherspoon. she has a checked blouse holding an american flag flag bin wheel. she wished everyone the happiest fourth of july. >> and halle berry is spare with her how she shares on instagram. but not with this photo shot. rocking a stunning strappy black bikini. >> matt damon is working hard at getting out of shape. >> he's revealed that he went to extreme lengths to slim down and develop a six pack for his upcoming role in jason born, but now he's going to the opposite extreme, trying to put a few pounds back onto, quote, look like a normal person for his upcoming comedy flick,
3:50 am
ironically called, downsizing. >> all right. >> so damon no stranger to looking husky. who can forget the look in the 2009 the informant? >> i don't mind. he's having fun doing it. he say the director of downsizing e-mailed him saying he hopes he's eating marshmallow pasta. >> during filming for jason born, he said he dreaded working out saying he prefers burgers and beers. >> he must love this role. >> of eating and drinking whatever he would like. >> if you have any extra roles in the movie, call me. >> so you can eat along with him. >> marshmallow pasta. >> and music history made across the pond. >> after a 27-year-old hiatus, carole king has returned to the stage in london to do something she's never done before. >> apparently shsa
3:51 am
classic album tapestry in full for the first time ever. >> some 65,000 fans paid as much as $330 a ticket. >> that sounds like a good deal. is that the scene right there? >> yeah. i'm betting they don't regret having spent that, especially after she performed the whole album. >> and hide park, fairly large. that must have been quite a scene. >> her voice has a rasp, but her delivery turned the concert into an almost intimate event. she joked at one point, this is what 74 looks like. i'm old and embracing it. >> i like the rasp in her voice. >> did you? i didn't think it was any different than when she originally sang it. doesn't she have a broadway show? >> that's right. "beautiful". >> coming up the cast of "ugly betty" together. >> the secre
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biotene, for people who suffer from a dry mouth. ♪ ♪ >> who knew? >> it may be hard to believe that was the "ugly betty" theme song. it's been six years since it went off the air. that was our addition. >> what a fun theme song. >> the cast reunited sharing never before revealed secrets from behind the scenes. here's chris connelly. >> it feels like no time has passed at all. everyone just where we left off. >> and a promise of drinking and dancing tonight? >> reporter: last month's reunion done on the now available on hulu seri
3:56 am
this cast looking back at four seasons of "ugly betty". a life changing time that began in 2006. >> i grew up with betty and these people. i can't talk without crying. >> reporter: nothing was wrong with her as betty with a foot in two different worlds. keeping it real with her latino family in queens and swimming with the sharks at her fashion magazine job. >> what did you think of me when ai first arrived? >> i hated, you, of course. >> reporter: the bleeding emergency bringing energy to broadcast tv. >> this is about correcting a mistake. >> reporter: like the steaming sibling. >> i think it was the first transgender character in prime time television. now we have lavern cox. i'm not a transgender person, but it was an honor to get to
3:57 am
>> reporter: no one made the ugly betty plot spoil like wilimena. >> it's scary how easy this is. >> you are evil. >> reporter: but she was the last second addition to the cast. >> i got a call saying it's not working out. we need you tomorrow. >> reporter: what do you think of how it broke new ground. >> any advice betty gave was the wisdom of the sages. >> if i were a 10 or 12 or 15-year-old girl, that would be the show that could save me. from the get go, i was doing it for me, my little self-that didn't grow up seeing these characters. >> reporter: chris connelly, abc news, austin texas. >> that story was tweeted out, but saying i can't watch it. will cry. let me know if they kept all of the parts where i'm crying in the interview. >> i think we did, but you can understand
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making news in america this morning, the president is hitting the campaign trail today with hillary clinton heading to a key battleground state. donald trump is asking some tough questions about their trip before it even starts. the mistake in massachusetts that caused a large boom to go bust. the barge on fire. new video overnight. and we have breaking news from italy after an american student was found dead in rome. police made an arrest that has plenty of people on both sides of the atlantic wondering what happened. late night joy for nasa now that it's juno spacecraft is orbiting jupiter after a trip that took five years to complete. how soon will we see what it sends back to earth?


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